ABCs of the Importance of your Sign

Attracts New Business

Signs are one major way of advertising your business. If done right, your sign is an economical way to get your message to potential customers.

How do you learn about a business? An annual survey since 1997 by Signtronics shows that:

How Did You Learn About This Business?
Your sign 44%
Word of mouth 38%
Newspaper advertisement 8%
Yellow Pages 7%
Radio Commercial 2%
Television Commercial 1%

Brands Your Business

Designed effectively, your sign can combine with other media to help brand your business in the mind of a customer.

Consistency counts! The more reminders you give customers to remember who you are and what your business is, the better. Text and images on the sign should be repeated throughout your marketing mix, either within your company (stationary, catalogs, business cards, uniforms, vehicles, etc.) or when advertising elsewhere (TV, radio, Yellow Pages).

The goal of your business is to achieve “top of the mind” awareness. If a consumer in your community was asked which company first comes to mind in your industry, would that person think of yours?

Can Steer Customers Your Way

Over one-third of people surveyed say that they visit stores because they remember a sign when they saw it passing or they impulse shop due to seeing a business’ sign.